Do you miss racing with your fellow paddlers?  We did, so we decided to launch the Virtual Paddle League – the only global, all craft race that allows you to complete and interact with paddlers from all over the globe.  What’s Included?:

  • Age group categories including: Junior – Under 18, Open – Age 19-39, Masters 40+ – 40-49, Masters 50+ – 50-59, Masters 60+ – 60-69, Masters 70+ – 70 and up!
  • Races including short sprint, medium, and long-distance formats.
  • Unique designer surprise races throughout the year.
  • Clear rules on how each race is run that accounts for tides, river flow, wind, etc.
  • Verified times!
  • A community in which we can all interact and share our experiences and times!
  • Partnerships with some of the best names from the sport of paddling including OC, Surfski, SUP and Prone!
  • Participation from weekend warrior to pros!
  • All these races, that last throughout the year, for less than the cost of a traditional race!
  • And lastly, a fun community in which we can keep the sport of paddling alive! 

Paddle Logger, with its PaddleLIVE capability is the official race distance and time tracking application sponsor of the Virtual Paddle league. Paddler Logger is the recommended app for safety when paddling alone or with limited community support in these times when self-isolating or distancing is both required and good practice. 

Paddle Logger is available here in the Apple App Store.



The Virtual Paddle League

These are strange times indeed. Suddenly, the simple act of being on the water is a privilege. The idea of doing an actual race is out of the question. Or is it?

Because while our sport may be “on hold” and we’re physically isolated, that doesn’t mean we need to feel disconnected. That doesn’t mean we can’t race.

The best thing about our sport is our community. That’s what motivated the crew from Paddle Monster to build the Virtual Paddle League — a new series of online “Time Trials” and “Dream Races” that will challenge, motivate and make you feel part of the international paddling community again.

We’ve taken the idea of “virtual race series” and turned it into a legitimate global racing league, complete with time-based Virtual World Rankings, age-group “Leaderboards,” innovative (and damn good fun!) “Dream Races” and plenty more. This is not just a virtual race, this is an international paddling community.

The guiding principle of the Virtual Paddle League is that paddling should be fun. We believe any day on the water is a day well spent, and we want to encourage you to get on the water whenever you can. To challenge yourself, to motivate (and smack-talk) your buddies, and to connect with thousands of fellow paddlers, compare times and share the stoke.

We’re going to be very transparent here: This project isn’t easy. The Virtual Paddle League is a comprehensive, automated system of online time trials, never-before-seen “Dream” race formats, and unique “virtual live streams” that we hope will help re-connect the international paddling community.

It’s ambitious, but we believe it’s a goal worth pursuing. And we invite you on the journey.

There are four types of races planned for the 2020 season:

Core Series

At the core of the VPL is a series of season-long time trials including 5K, 2000m, 1000m, 500m and 200m.

Speciality Series

Surprise events where we ask you to compete against specific people or virtual courses.


One-off, quick hit paddle challenges against the best paddlers from all over the world.

Marquee Events

Virtual versions of world-class, global events that have been cancelled or postponed.


We always hold that you never know why someone steps up to a starting line. They may be trying to finish their first 5k just to see if they can do it. They may have lost a loved one, been through a divorce, lost 50 pounds, or won a SUP board in a raffle. They may be a famous grade-school athlete, or a world champion. No matter what your “why” is, there is a place for everyone. Our goal is to help you find that and more in our series. And we’re glad you’re here.

This Global Race Series Provides:

  • Virtual races and unique paddle challenges in a season where local, regional and national races have been cancelled or postponed
  • Opportunities for people to compete against paddlers they’d never otherwise have a chance to line up against
  • A variety of distances and challenges paddlers may not have raced or tried in the past 
  • A reason to train. A reason to compete. And a running leaderboard to track your success and progress
  • Opportunities for paddlers at all levels, ages and craft types to see how they rate against the very best in the world  
  • Foster the global paddle community, keep everyone connected, and forge new paddler relationships
  • Promote the aspirational side of paddling and give the community interesting and challenging goals
  • Provide new events and formats that races can use when on-water competition returns
  • Provide existing races who want to prepare virtual versions of their race a platform and an audience to keep their events exciting, alive, and top of mind when live events return

What is the Virtual Paddle League?

The Virtual Paddle League is the name of a new racing league created by Paddle Monster . We’re not just creating a virtual race series where you can submit your time, we’re creating an entirely new way of racing.

And starting next week, we’re opening the doors for you to join us, submit your times and see your name in bright lights alongside thousands of paddlers from around the world.

Here are the fourteen pillars that explain what we’re aiming to build.

The foundation of our sport is our community. The Virtual Paddle League is designed to be a community first and foremost, one that you can connect with even if you’re paddling solo on the other side of the world. The Virtual Paddle League is inclusive and open — we encourage members from any country, any age, any ability. Whether you’re Connor Baxter or a fist-time paddler: You’re all equal, you’re all welcome.

The core of the Virtual Paddle League is the “Virtual” World Rankings. But instead of points, you’ll be ranked on your best time in a 5K time trial (though that’s just for starters).

Go for a paddle, record your time, and submit your session. Within seconds, your name will automatically be added to the global leaderboard where you can compare your time with paddlers from Australia, America, France, Brazil and beyond.

The first (of many) events in the Virtual Paddle League will be the classic “5K” time trial. You can submit as many times as you want to improve your personal best and leapfrog your buddies — whether they’re from your local training group or the other side of the world.

We’re all proud of our hometown, and we all want to represent our local crew. So apart from identifying yourself with your national flag on the “Virtual World Rankigns” leaderboard, we’ll be giving you the option to identify with a local training group, paddle club or regional league.

We’ll also be partnering with existing virtual series to host exclusive regional leaderboards. So not only will you feature on the Virtual Paddle League World Rankings, you will proudly show that you’re part of your local paddle crew.

The Virtual Paddle League is all about inclusion, and we respect and promote age divisions for the Virtual World Rankings. You can now find out how your time compares with 40+, 50+, and 60+ year-old paddlers from all around the world, while we’re also running dedicated leaderboards to encourage juniors (under 18) to get out on the water and fine-tune their skills. We follow a slightly modified ICF format where all categories are your age as of January 1, as follows:

  • Junior – Under 18 
  • Open – Age 18 to 39 
  • Masters 40+ – 40-49
  • Masters 50+ – 50-59
  • Masters 60+ 


Notice how our sport kinda always has the same race formats? Long distance, short course, sprints. Getting a bit old, huh? We’ve all talked about trying new formats, and we think now is the time to do it. Our sport is crying out for fresh new ideas, and now is a better time than any to experiment.

So the Virtual Paddle League will be running “Dream Races” that create race formats our sport has never seen. And you’re invited to participate. These are unique race formats that have never been seen before.

The first “Dream Race” (coming up in just a few weeks) is called “Run From” and involves a virtual Connor Baxter chasing down you and hundreds of other excited/motivated/slightly nervous paddlers around the world. The best part? We’re going to ask you to send us some footage, combine that with all of your times and you may end-up virtually famous on one of our live posts.

Every “Dream Race” is included free with your base membership of the Virtual Paddle League — we’re going to add new “Dream Races” (and new time trial distances) every month.

Stand up paddlers, outrigger, surfski and prone. You’re all welcome in the Virtual Paddle League

Connor Baxter, Seychelle, are just some of the top athletes who you’ll be sharing the same Virtual World Rankings leaderboard with. Stay tuned, there are lots of surprises coming to see how you stack against the pros.

This time is hard on all of us.  We’re reminded of races through social media that are completely off the books or delayed and in question.  We pledge to keep you having fun racing!

Everyone that joins the Virtual Paddle League will have an opportunity to be recognized, learn, and collaborate with world-wide paddlers in the FB Virtual Paddle League Clubhouse. It’s just another way aim to make the Virtual Paddle League more motivating, more inclusive and more fun.

The Virtual Paddle League team has been working behind-the-scenes for weeks to build a custom, powerful system that turns your training times into the Virtual World Rankings.

As soon as you get off the water, you can submit your time straight from your training app (Garmin or Strava), SpeedCoach or GPS watch, and within seconds you’ll appear on the global leaderboard.

Throughout the season, we’ll continue to listen to your ideas and feedback while we release new improvements weekly!

Every paddler’s time on the Virtual World Rankings comes with verified GPS data — no more worrying about if your buddy paddled an hour after you and did a downwinder on your lake 😉

You’ll also be able to track your progress (and the progress of your friends and rivals) over the course of the season — every time logged on the Virtual Paddle League will be saved even when you beat your previous best.

Watch this space for some cool features coming soon!

This is a new concept. A bold one. We don’t want to promise too much (because it’s never been done before), but we’re damn excited about this part of the Virtual Paddle League.

Every time we run a “Dream Race” we’ll find a way to socially promote the virtual race. We have some really good ideas, so stay tuned to see if we can pull this off!

Hopefully it’ll be a fun way to keep motivated, stay connected and be entertained.

We’ll be recognising the top performers in each of the age divisions and distances every month. These “virtual podium” unveiling sessions will also be live-streamed on Facebook and posted all around the world on Instagram. We’ll even send you a virtual podium graphic that you can repost on your own social media and let your buddies know you seriously kicked their ass this month 😉

The Virtual Paddle Leauge launched on the 10th of May with a simple objective: Go paddle 5km, record your time on a GPS watch or smartphone, and submit your session to the Virtual Paddle League. Within seconds, your time will appear alongside thousands of paddlers from around the world on the Virtual World Rankings. You’ll also get your name on the regional and age-division leaderboards.

And that’s only the beginning.

On May 14, we’ll add our next time trial distance: The 2k Tangle. Suddenly your heart will be pumping as you try to hold a higher speed for 6-10 minutes. This one is going to be intense.

Check the races series for the complete core list, and watch for special announcements for races like  “Run From Connor” and others so you can feel the thrill/dread of being chased down by a virtual G.O.A.T.

We’ll be adding unique Marquee races and “Dream Races” every single month to keep the feeling of community fresh and motivated.

A Few More Thoughs!

We will use your monthly membership $ to continue developing the behind-the-scenes system, because we want to make you feel like you’re getting more than your money’s worth each month. From the automated timing submissions to the Virtual World Rankings, Dream Races and “Live Streams” — we are all going to make this a fun club and a great community to be part of. That’s our commitment to you.

We’re excited to launch the Virtual Paddle League and create a fun, challenging, inclusive platform for the global paddling community.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside, comparing times and talking smack in the Virtual Clubhouse!

– Larry Cain, John Beausang and Tim Myers from Paddle Monster

P.S. If you’d love to join but you’ve been hit really hard by the coronavirus and things are too tight right now, please message us and we’ll work something out. This is a community after all.


2020 Virtual Paddle League Subscription

Full year season pass to Core, Specialty and Premier Events! More than 10 races, billed $10 Month
$ 10
00 USD
  • Access to All Active Races
  • Billed at $10 USD / Month
  • Submit times for as many races as you like!

2020 Virtual Paddle League - Season Pass

Full year season pass to Core, Specialty and Premier events! More than 10 races ranging from long-distance to 200M sprints!
$ 70
00 USD
Yearly Pass
  • Save $20 USD!
  • Access to All Active Races
  • Billed Once
  • Submit times for as many races as you like

One Month Access to Active 2020 Virtual Paddle League Races

30 days access to submit times as many times as you'd like to any active races in that month's time.
$ 10
00 USD
One Time 30 Day Pass
  • Access to Only the Months Races
  • Billed Once

Under 18? Juniors join for half-price!


This is only a challenge for those who can access water safely and according to local, state and federal laws during this pandemic. 

We recognize that many people can not safely or legally access water in their area. If that is the case, we’re sorry to say, this virtual event is not for you. Some beaches in Florida, for instance, have been closed and some National and State parks have also been closed to public access. Follow your local, state, and national laws and recommendations.

Additional Disclaimer:
  • If you’re not able to get on the water now, no worries. Our events will last the entire 2020 season, so you’ll have lots of time to jump in and compete when water access is restored. We will be running these races regularly throughout the season, so if you miss the first one or two you’ll be able to join in for the later events. 
  • If virtual racing isn’t for you. This is not a global mandate to paddle virtually. For some, the inherent limitations of racing in the virtual space are too difficult to mentally and emotionally reconcile. If you do not think you will enjoy the challenge, this may not be the option for you. Still, we encourage you to paddle and train and join us again some day on water for live, in-person competition. We like you anyway.
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